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Introducing TackleBar Football

For 2nd/3rd Grade League

Kids playing TackleBar football

Rogers Youth Football Association is excited to announce it’s adopting TackleBar football for its 2nd/3rd grade football league for the 2019 football season.

In an effort to evolve with the game of football, RYFA board has voted in June 2019 to adopt the TackleBar football for our 2nd/3rd grade league.

What is TackleBar football? The game is relatively the same, but the fundamental difference is each player wears a TackleBar harness around his lower torso, and the harness holds two foam bars across the lower back. Once the defender pulls off one of the two foam bars of the ball carrier, the runner is considered down, similar to a pulled flag in flag football. The idea is to avoid taking the ball carrier to the ground to make the tackle or “blowing up” the ball carrier with a big hit at this introductory level. Instead, the defender must wrap his arms around the ball carrier, keeping his head to the side, and rip a foam bar from the harness in order to down the runner. 

Why is RYFA making this change? With the success and popularity of flag football, RYFA sees the opportunity to bring the best of both flag football and tackle football together to the 2nd/3rd grade level in the form of TackleBar. This new approach to the game brings the simplicity and safety of flag football and matches it with the tradition and spirit of tackle football, making TackleBar the ideal transition between from flag football to tackle football.

RYFA’s partner, Elk River Youth Football Association, is also transitioning to TackleBar for their 2nd/3rd grade football. Rogers and Elk River 2nd/3rd grade teams will continue to play against each other this season playing TackleBar football.

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TackleBar Football story on KARE11 TV

See TackleBar Football in action with this report from KARE11 TV. 

TackleBar Harness
Harness around body

Benefits of TackleBar

While the TackleBar harness drastically alters the approach and technique of downing the ball carrier, the rest of TackleBar football maintains the attributes of today’s tackle football. Kids wear helmets and shoulder pads, learn positions, stances, plays, and formations just like tackle football. 

  • Decrease the chance of injury by reducing hits and high-impact collisions.
  • Even though RYFA has stressed this for years, TackleBar further reinforces the need to remove the player’s head from physical contact. The player’s head should have no bearing on tackling or avoiding a tackle.
  • Teaches proper shoulder tackling technique - now the staple of tackle football - by forcing tacklers to engage with the shoulder first to better reach the foam bars behind the ball carrier.

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